The UV Index Warning Signal is designed to provide a real-time indication of the sun’s UV intensity in an easy to read traffic light design. Available in either 230V/50Hz or Solar Powered versions the UV Warning Signal can be installed anywhere, even where no external power is available.

Great for outdoor areas such as beaches, golf courses, schools, outdoor sporting venues, swimming pools, amusement parks, ski slopes, outdoor public spaces, outdoor work environments and high risk UV exposure areas such as mining sites.

Easily installed anywhere all day UV exposure should be monitored for public awareness in limiting over-exposure to UV radiation, and ensuring best practice in Occupational Work Health and Safety for employees.

Specifications Radiometer
Model UV Warning Signal
Response 280-390 nm
Measurement Range 0 to 20 UV Index
Angular Response Within 5% from ideal cosine for incident angles < 70°
Display Super-bright LED's (Visible Up To 50 Meters Full Sun)
Operating Temps -30 to +55 °C Ambient
Operating Environment Indoor/Outdoor (NEMA 4X Rated)
Dimensions 56 x 26 x 22 cm (H x W x D)
Weight 4.5 kg (AC Version) 6.5 kg (Solar Powered Version)
Power Source 230V/50Hz Or Solar Powered Options
Lens UV Glass
Sensor Erythema Weighted Solar Light Sensor (SUV)


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The heart of the unit is the Erythema (Eeff) weighted sensor. This sensor is remote mounted for indoor installations of the UV Warning Signal™ and can be mounted either remotely or directly on top of the signal for outdoor installations.

The concept behind the UV Warning Signalis that it takes the sun’s radiation, changes the UV photons
of light in the “skin sensitive range” into an electrical signal which activates one of the indicator lights corresponding to the World Health Organization and Australian EPA UV Index exposure categories.

These exposure categories are represented on the UV Warning Signal™ by five high intensity coloured LED indicator lights, and are visible, even in direct sunlight up to 50 meters. When in operation the UV Warning Signal™ illuminates the indicator light that corresponds to the level of UV radiation being received by the sensor.

The sensor is calibrated traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for Global Solar Irradiance.

The Global Solar UV Index is determined using the International Commission on Illumination (CIE) reference action spectrum for UV-induced Erythema on human skin (ISO 17166:1999/CIE S 007/E-1998).